mysterious spiral spotted in the sky.

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mysterious spiral spotted in the sky.

mysterious spiral spotted in the sky :

A mysterious spiral was spotted in the skies by the Subaru-Asahi Star Camera in the wee hours of January 18. The spiral was captured by the camera operated by the observatory located at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii.

mysterious spiral spotted in the sky
mysterious spiral spotted in the sky.

The observatory in a timelapse video showed the spiral moving as it emerged like a dot at the left corner of the view of the camera. Soon the dot ejected an arc-like feature, which went on to become slightly larger with the progression as it grew into a spiral in the sky.


The spiral was a result of a SpaceX launch that delivered a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) into space for the U.S. Space Force on the same day. Shortly afterward, the spiral shape was spotted by the Subaru Telescope from Hawaii.

“The Subaru-Asahi Star Camera captured a mysterious flying spiral over Maunakea, Hawai`i. The spiral seems to be related to the SpaceX company’s launch of a new satellite,” Subaru observatory said in a tweet.


The space is likely formed from the upper stage of the Falcon 9, which vents out unneeded fuel during its long descent into the ocean. reported that the upper stage was probably spinning on its longest axis to stabilize flight orientation, hence the spiral shape. “Similar spirals have been seen after previous Falcon 9 launches,” the report said.

SpaceX has been conducting an average of one launch every week into low Earth Orbit. The Elon Musk-led company in 2022 conducted 61 launches of the Falcon-9 and Falcon-Heavy rockets.