Rowoon’s Journey: From SF9 to Solo Stardom

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Rowoon’s Journey: From SF9 to Solo Stardom

Rowoon, known for his remarkable journey as a K-pop idol with SF9, the renowned group under FNC Entertainment, is embarking on an exciting new chapter. On September 18, FNC Entertainment made a significant announcement regarding Rowoon’s departure from SF9, paving the way for him to focus on solo activities and acting.

In an official statement posted on SF9’s official fancafe, FNC Entertainment shared the news of Rowoon’s departure. They reflected on SF9’s incredible journey since their debut in 2016 and revealed that the group’s first contracts had expired on the same day. While SF9 is set to continue their musical journey as an eight-member group, Rowoon will be taking a different path, concentrating on his acting career and personal endeavors.

FNC Entertainment also emphasized that Rowoon will always remain the ninth member of SF9, symbolizing the deep bond between the members. The agency expressed confidence that the remaining members will wholeheartedly support each other, striving to deliver outstanding performances for their fans. They called upon fans to extend their unwavering support and interest to both SF9 and Rowoon as they embrace these new beginnings.

Rowoon himself reached out to fans with a heartfelt handwritten note. In it, he conveyed his commitment to this new challenge after seven incredible years with SF9. The note exuded determination and gratitude, setting the stage for Rowoon’s solo journey.

For those unfamiliar with Rowoon’s versatility, he made his acting debut in 2017 with the show ‘School 2017.’ Since then, he has left an indelible mark on the K-drama scene, appearing in notable shows such as ‘About Time,’ ‘Extraordinary You,’ ‘The King’s Affection,’ and ‘Tomorrow.’ His latest project, ‘Destined With You,’ showcases his acting prowess. Fans can look forward to his upcoming K-drama, ‘The Wedding Battle,’ scheduled to premiere on October 30, 2023, as Rowoon continues to captivate audiences with his talent on the screen.

Rowoon’s transition from SF9 to a solo career and acting is a testament to his versatility and dedication to his craft. As he embarks on this new journey, fans can expect to witness his growth and talent in the world of entertainment. Rowoon’s promise to give his all to this new chapter ensures that his future endeavors will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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