702's Irish Grinstead: A Voice of Resilience and Harmony

A Tribute to a Talented Artist

Remembering Irish Grinstead of 702

Irish Grinstead, a member of the iconic girl group 702, has passed away at the age of 43. Let's remember her remarkable career and contributions to music.

Irish Grinstead's Legacy

– Formed in the '90s, 702 consisted of Irish Grinstead, her sister Lemisha Grinstead, and Kameelah Williams. – The group took its name from their hometown area code, Las Vegas. – Their debut album, "No Doubt" (1996), featured hit singles like "Steelo" and was used as the theme song for Nickelodeon's Cousin Skeeter.

The Rise of 702

– In 1999, 702 released their second album, self-titled "702," which included the chart-topping hit "Where My Girls At." – The song became a anthem for women and a classic of the era.

Where My Girls At

– The group's versatility was showcased in songs like "Pootie Tangin'" from the soundtrack of Chris Rock's film "Pootie Tang." – They also released the album "Star" featuring the single "I Still Love You."

"Pootie Tangin'" and More

– In 2006, 702 took an 11-year hiatus from the music industry. – They made a return to the spotlight in 2021, appearing in the reality series "BET Presents: The Encore."

Hiatus and Return

– 702 received nominations for prestigious awards, including the American Music Award, BET Award, and Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. – They won the award for Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year by a group, band, or duo for "No Doubt."

Awards and Recognitions

– Irish Grinstead's sister and bandmate, Lemisha Grinstead, announced her passing. – Although the cause of death was not disclosed, Irish had been on a medical leave of absence due to serious medical issues.

Irish Grinstead's Passing

– Let us remember Irish Grinstead for her immense talent, bright personality, and contributions to music. – She will always be remembered as a shining star.

Remembering Irish

– Irish Grinstead's legacy in the music industry will continue to inspire generations to come. – Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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Rest in Peace, Irish Grinstead

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