Google's MusicLM: All you need to know about the AI that can generate music from text

MusicLM can handle the complexities and nuances of various genres of music, and can even be instructed using pictures and captions

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system from Google can turn your words into music. Using your text as a guideline, MusicLM can turn your request into a song.

It can generate complex arrangements with high fidelity and mix and match genres if needed.

MusicLM is a text-to-music generation system. It works by analysing your text and deciphering the scale and complexity of the composition.

How does MusicLM work?

They can also be vague like, "The composition shows a strongly idealised view of the real crossing that Napoleon and his army made across the Alps through the Great St Bernard Pass in May 1800".

What's even more impressive is that MusicLM can take multiple instructions and combine them in one composition fluidly. It can even be instructed using pictures and captions.