Rowoon's Journey: From SF9 to Solo Stardom

Meet Rowoon, the K-pop idol who started his remarkable journey with SF9 under FNC Entertainment.

– On September 18, FNC Entertainment announced Rowoon's departure from SF9. – SF9, the seven-year journey, and the expiration of their first contracts were discussed.

Farewell to SF9

Rowoon is now set to focus on solo activities and his acting career.

Rowoon's New Path

– FNC Entertainment emphasized that Rowoon will always be the ninth member of SF9. – The agency encouraged mutual support and unity among the remaining members.

A Promise of Unity

Rowoon shared a heartfelt handwritten note with fans, expressing his dedication to this new challenge.

Personal Note to Fans

– Rowoon's acting career began in 2017 with 'School 2017.' – Highlights of his notable K-drama appearances were discussed.

Rowoon's Acting Journey

Fans can anticipate Rowoon's next K-drama, 'The Wedding Battle,' premiering on October 30, 2023.

Upcoming Project

– Rowoon's transition showcases his versatility and commitment to his craft. – Fans can look forward to his promising future in solo endeavors and acting.


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