Suga's Silent Service: BTS' Suga Begins Military Duty

A New Chapter Begins

BTS' Suga's Military Service Announcement

On September 17, BigHit Music officially announced that Suga will be starting his military service on September 22. No official events will be held on this day."

Suga's Enlistment Date Confirmed

Fans are kindly asked not to visit Suga during his service. Instead, show your love and encouragement from your hearts. Avoid any unauthorized tours or products using his intellectual property.

Support from Afar

BigHit Music vows to take action against unauthorized commercial activities using artist IP. Let's respect his work and legacy

Safeguarding Suga's Artistry

Our company is committed to supporting Suga during his service and ensuring a smooth return. Your continued love means the world.

Supporting Suga Through Service

As Suga embarks on this new journey, let's send our best wishes and support for a successful service and a warm welcome back.

A New Beginning

Thank you for being part of Suga's incredible journey. Stay tuned for updates and join us in wishing him well.

Thank You for Your Support

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