When is Mega Gardevoir coming to Pokemon GO? (February 2023)


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When is Mega Gardevoir coming to Pokemon GO? (February 2023)

Mega Gardevoir coming to Pokemon GO

Gardevoir coming to Pokemon GO Mega

Pokemon GO players have requested the arrival of Mega Gardevoir for quite some time, and they are finally receiving their wish. During the game’s Valentine’s Day event, trainers will be able to Mega Evolve and battle Mega Gardevoir for the first time.

Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day event begins on February 8, 2023, at 10:00 am local time and lasts until February 14, 2023, at 8:00 pm local time. This should give players plenty of opportunities to battle Mega Gardevoir in Mega Raids, defeat it, and collect its Mega Energy.

Gardevoir coming to Pokemon GO Mega

With enough energy on hand, trainers can Mega Evolve their own Gardevoir, vastly boosting its combat capabilities in PvE combat.

With February 8 fast approaching, it may not be a bad time to analyze how Mega Gardevoir will impact Pokemon GO.

How good will Mega Gardevoir be in Pokemon GO

As a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon, Gardevoir has some pretty interesting applications in PvE battles already. However, giving it the ability to Mega Evolve in Pokemon GO lifts the Pocket Monster into an upper echelon of creatures that benefit from the powerful evolution process.

Gardevoir should be effective as both a Psychic and a Fairy-type Mega Evolution, but likely more so as a Fairy-type fighter. This is because there are already plenty of powerful Psychic-type Mega Evolutions, but Mega Altaria is the only other Fairy-type Mega Evolution at the moment.

Gardevoir’s exceedingly high maximum attack stat already made it a top option for Pokemon GO raids. Boosting its overall CP and stats via Mega Evolution makes it even more deadly against many popular raid and Mega Raid bosses.

With access to moves like Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Confusion, and Psychic, Gardevoir should be able to take on plenty of different opponents in PvE masterfully.

When it comes to the larger overall impact of the meta, Mega Gardevoir uplifts the relevance of Fairy-types in PvE substantially.

While Fairy-type creatures have made small strides in previous years (the release of Mega Altaria was big), Mega Gardevoir is often considered one of the strongest Fairy-type Pokemon in the main series. This should continue to ring true in Pokemon GO. It should also be able to perform exceptionally well as a Psychic-type fighter despite having plenty of Mega-Evolved competition like Alakazam, Slowbro, Latios/Latias, and more.

At its peak performance, Mega Gardevoir should serve as a very capable raid companion. This is particularly true when it is up against Dragon and Fighting-type Mega Raid bosses that have appeared quite often over Niantic’s raid calendar.

Mega Gardevoir may not be considered the optimal pick in some circumstances. However, it will have the damage per second (DPS) output to clear plenty of upper-tier raids with the right support system.

Keep in mind that this is only a projection at the moment, as players will soon be able to collect more data on Mega Gardevoir as the Valentine’s Day event for 2023 approaches.

Mega Gardevoir may prove to be much more effective than expected, or it may very well fall short of expectations as well. However, considering Gardevoir is already an effective PvE fighter in its own right, it’s very difficult to believe its Mega-Evolved form won’t be a considerable upgrade.

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